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Funny In Failure

Apr 15, 2024

Xander Berkeley can do it all, he is an actor, writer, producer, director as well as a photographer, sculptor, painter and makeup artist. Over long-standing career in Hollywood, he has over 280+ credits on IMDB which is unheard of. Here are just a few of the many…

He has starred in blockbusters such as Terminator 2, Apollo 13, A few Good Men, Heat, Air Force One, Gattaca and Shanghai Noon. He has also starred in hit series such as 24, The Walking Dead, Nikita, Salem, The Mentalist, The Booth at the End and Truth Be Told.

Plus, you may have seen him in Mommie Dearest, Candyman, Taken, The X Files, 12 Monkeys, The Rookie, Amistad, Kick-Ass, Son of Batman, Sid and Nancy, The Mandalorian and Transcendence to name a few.

He has also won best actor awards in a variety of domestic and international film festivals and at the Streamies as well as well as the coveted Art Carney Award for lifetime excellence as a film character actor, a Lifetime Achievement in film from The Garden State Film Festival and a Screen Actor’s Guild Award for best ensemble cast. 

He has next set his sights on directing and producing projects in his new home state of Maine where he lives with his wife and actress Sarah Clarke (who’s also been on the podcast).

We chat about being a painter, sculptor and make-up artist, view of fame, sacrificing vanity, The Walking Dead, being honest about the industry, why he thrives as a villain (on screen), success, and his new chapter in Maine.


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