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Funny In Failure

Apr 1, 2024

Sarah Clarke is an actress and producer best known for her work in film and television. Her career started on FOX TV’s 24 where she played CTU double agent, Nina Myers for its first three seasons. Some of her other starring roles include; MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE, TRUST ME, COVERT AFFAIRS, THE BOOTH AT THE END, and BOSCH. Film credits include; THIRTEEN (Catherine Hardwick), HAPPY ENDINGS (Don Roos), THE TWILIGHT SAGA franchise, WOMEN IN TROUBLE, PUNK’S DEAD, and STARING AT THE SUN.

In 2018 Sarah shifted her focus to behind the camera and teamed up with filmmaker, Daniel Glick to co-found THUNDERHEART FILMS, a non-profit film company aimed to create content to foster healing, tolerance and unity. Together they developed 3 projects with the Blackfeet Tribe in northern Montana about their connection to the American bison. INISKIM was the first short from their collaboration, about a troubled young girl from the Blackfeet reserve who finds hope and connection while volunteering on a Buffalo Drive. The film screened in various film festivals nationwide, aired on PBS and was nominated for 3 Emmy awards, winning one for photography. Currently, Sarah and THUNDERHEART FILMS have teamed up with two filmmakers, Ivy and Ivan MacDonald from the Blackfeet Tribe to make BRING THEM HOME, a feature documentary about the Blackfeet’s mission to restore American Bison in their ancestral home.

We chat about her new doco, moving to Maine, view of success, instincts, rejection, insights from Italy, 24, NCIS, her unique mindset, moving forward and plenty more.

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