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Funny In Failure

Nov 27, 2023

Rising comedian and creator Paige Gallagher is best known for her unique yet universally relatable character parodies which she self-writes, produces, and stars in. Paige initially rose to digital fame via her videos on TikTok. She has since racked up more than a million followers. Paige has been cited by Los Angeles Magazine as a “comedian making sizzling content right now”. Her comedy sketches draw on her own personal life experiences.  

Paige continues to take the digital world by storm with her debut, self-produced talk show, “Pillow Talk with Paige”. Featuring Paige as the show’s head writer, producer, and host, the digital series combines two things: her loves of oversharing and lying in bed. The talk show features fellow creators and creates a uniquely cozy atmosphere for guests to embrace the relaxed and intimate conversations that usually occur while lying in bed. The series aired its premiere episode on October 11th, with nine total episodes slated to release weekly on Wednesdays across Paige’s YouTube channel.

Paige also started an independent sketch comedy group called ‘Queerish’ that has been highlighted by local media and still performs around LA today. In addition to her digital content creation, Paige’s acting credits include titles such as the Art Film Spirit Award-winning comedy film “Garthwaite”, BET+’s romance film “Never and Again”, the comedy television series “Adulting,” and the TV movie “The Good Guys”. She has also extensively studied improv and sketch comedy at Second City, Groundlings, and the Upright Citizens Brigade, and can often be found performing her latest stand-up sets at Hollywood Comedy and HaHa Comedy Club in LA. She is currently hard at work on writing and developing her own pilot project for television, in addition to an hour-long stand-up comedy special.

We chat about improv & comedy, career ending injuries, developing a sitcom, finding your voice, mentors, collaborating with friends, life changing conversations with therapists, people pleasing, content creation, mental side of being on the internet and pillow talk.

The video footage of this entire chat is now out as well (one day after release)! So check them out on YouTube under Michael Kahan

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