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Funny In Failure

Oct 30, 2023

Todd Stashwick is an actor & writer. You can find him in almost every TV show, with over 160 credits to his name!

A Chicago native, he is an alumnus of the famed Second City Comedy Theater. As an actor he’s known for the role of Deacon on Syfy’s hit show 12 Monkeys and Dale Malloy on the critically acclaimed FX drama The Riches. His work in television includes notable roles on shows such as Star Trek: Picard, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Heroes, Supernatural, The Originals, Gotham and Justified. He can also be seen in the live action Kim Possible film as the villain Dr. Drakken on Disney+.

As a writer Todd is the co-creator of the web-comic Devil Inside with collaborator comic artist Dennis Calero. Todd co-wrote Clandestine, an original space adventure pilot for the Syfy Channel. Todd also co-wrote a Star Wars video game for Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm, with Uncharted creator Amy Hennig. He co-wrote a draft of Suicide Squad 2, the sequel to the hit DC comics film from Warner Brothers with writer/director Gavin O’Connor. He recently completed co-writing the video game Forspoken for Square Ennix and is currently working with a group of writers for an upcoming Marvel project with Skydance New Media. Todd continues to develop Television, Film and comic book properties.

Todd is deeply immersed in the Dungeons and Dragons community, a passion that started for him as a child in the late 70s. He regularly hosts games for his friends in his Nerd Lair. He has streamed many games online for notable charities for Jasper’s Game Day and DnDBeyond. He created a retro merchandise online store, to celebrate his love of the game, called Todd Stashwick’s Nerd Circus where he sells Dice, Dice Boxes, t-shirts and more. He co-created a D&D inspired tiki cocktail book, with former Imagineer Brandon Kleyla, called Mystic Libations all available at He most recently collaborated with Mike Jimenez, of the Weathered Dragon, on a premium “The Stashwick Signature gaming table” soon to be available online.

We chat about his passion of dungeons and dragons, not getting SNL, his time at the Skywalker Ranch, rejection, improv, losing a house, moving forward, emulating Bill Murray & experimenting with his comedy, view of success, creativity and being in 21 pilots that didn’t go ahead.

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