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Funny In Failure

Jun 20, 2022

Amy Landecker is an actor, director, producer & writer. You might recognize her from her many roles such as YOUR HONOR, MINX, TRANSPARENT, I LOVE MY DAD, GASLIT, BEATRIZ AT DINNER, A SERIOUS MAN, SHITHOUSE, THE PREMISE, THREE MONTHS, DAN IN REAL LIFE, A KID LIKE JAKE, CHIVALRY, MAD MEN, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, BOMBSHELL & LOUIE (to name a few!)

She’s also a voice over artist and has appeared in a number of productions such as She-Ra and the Princesses of power, Trollhunters, Batman: the Long Halloween and even worked as Julia Roberts voice double!

We chat about the highs after the lows, getting her big break “later in life”, making big shifts & getting sober, rejection, self-esteem & confidence, playing a tomb raider model, finding happiness and almost being a sports broadcaster.

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