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Funny In Failure

Sep 28, 2020

Pollyanna is a actor, writer, model & director. You might recognise her from Exam, The Walking Dead, The Woman, Filth, Let Us Prey, Hap and Leonard, Lodge 49, Burke and Hare, Love Eternal, I Do, OffSpring, Bob Servant Independent, Tales of Halloween, The Blood Lands, Revenge Ride, Blood Ride, Exam, Native, White Settlers, and she also wrote, directed and stars in Darlin.

In this podcast we chat about ADHD, comedy aspirations, marijuana, modelling, therapy, Wikifeet, anxiety and panic attacks, dealing with challenges, fear, perfectionist culture, growing and learning, school systems and modelling culture.

Check out Pollyanna on:

  • Twitter: pollyamcintosh
  • Instagram: pollyannamcintosh
  • Facebook: Pollyannakrakatoa
  • Charity page on insta: get2gether2give
  • Cameo:

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