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Funny In Failure

Jul 27, 2020

Ed Kavalee is a comedian, broadcaster, producer, director, writer and podcaster. He currently co-hosts Hughesy and Ed and features on Have you Been Paying Attention. He has also been in Good News Week, Thank God you’re here, Last One laughing, Any Questions for Ben? Scumbus, Agony Uncles, Border Protection Squad, True Story with Hamish and Andy.

He was also on Dancing with the stars and has co-written a picture book with his wife, inspired by his son, “A First Time for everything”. He also hosts the Ed Kavalee podcast and Team Effort podcast.

In this podcast we chat about the art of listening and responding, working in radio, improv, Thank God You’re Here, making mistakes, what kindness really is, luck, taking chances on yourself, learning from others, ed’s famous inventory checks and he even gives me career advice.

Check out on:

  • Insta: therealedkavalee
  • Twitter: mredkavalee
  • 'Hughesy and Ed' every week day between 5pm-7pm
  • 'Team Effort' podcast
  • 'Have You Been Paying Attention' every Monday night
  • 'Thank God You’re Here' is now out on 10play

Notes from podcast, check out:

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