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Funny In Failure

Apr 6, 2020

Tim Ferguson is one of Australia’s most accomplished comedians. He’s an award winning comedian, screenwriter teacher, actor, film director, writer, author, keynote speaker and a producer. You might know him from the comedy trio the Doug Anthony All Stars.

He’s also written bestselling novels, comedy manuals, and live shows. He runs his own Comedy Writing Masterclasses, he’s co writen and directed, “Spin Out”, appeared in “Fat Pizza”, co-wrote the feature film “The BBQ” and starred in the movie “That's Not My Dog!” He has also written the bestselling comedy manual The Cheeky Monkey Writing Narrative Comedy.

In this podcast we chat about sex culture, emotional growth and connection, his Star Wars collection, changing the world, PC culture, MS, common sense, his philosophy on life, asking for help, why failure is essential and a lot more.

As Jake Canfield has said, "everything you want is on the other side of fear".

Check him out on: Twitter: realtimferguson Instagram: therealtimferguson Facebook: TimFergusonComedian Website:

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