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Funny In Failure

Aug 26, 2019

Broden Kelly is an actor, writer, podcaster and comedian. He performs as part of the Australian sketch comedy group, Aunty Donna, where they have won numerous awards and preformed all over the world such as at Edinburgh Fringe and the Melbourne comedy festival.

Aunty Donna’s have since gone on to create an award winning YouTube channel, garnering over 255 thousand+ subscribers and 44 million+ views.

In this podcast we chat about happiness, gratitude, negativity, success, self-esteem, team work and collaborations/ collaborative partnerships, belonging, fear, loneliness, relationships that hold you back, control, the why, contingencies, being team player, vulnerability and leap of faith.

For more information, check Broden out on: Instagram: brodenkellyismyname AUNTY DONNA: Youtube: TheAuntyDonnaChannel Instagram: theauntydonnagallery Twitter: AuntyDonnaBoys Website:

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