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Funny In Failure

May 27, 2019

Cool and Smart are a comedy duo featuring Barney Pollock and Matt Young.

Barney, is an actor, writer and comedian from Perth. He graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in 2015 with a Bachelor of Performing Arts. He has toured with the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, has worked as a voice-over artist and director, and has experience in theatre and at improv.

Matt is an actor, writer and comedian from Tasmania. He is an experienced stand-up comedian who has also worked for the student community television production house RMITV for a number of years, appearing as a regular correspondent for the news satire show 'The Leak' and as a frequent panellist on a program called 'Quiz Night'. In 2017 he appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his own solo show called 'I Quit.

They both perform regularly at the improv conspiracy in Melbourne under the house name

In this podcast we talk about trust, vulnerability, drugs, authenticity, creative collaboration, improvising, creative process , partnership, and even having to deal with the feelings of when someone walks out during a show.

Check them out on: fb/ insta @coolsmartbois

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