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Funny In Failure

Aug 9, 2021

Kurt Patino, is a talent manager, writer, producer, podcaster and a TEDx speaker who runs Patino Management Company, which is a full-service Talent Management firm that represents Film and TV actors. Kurt has represented actors for over 20 years and has guided the careers of standout talent such as America Ferrera, Rami Malek, Kelly Stables, Nichole Bloom, Cerina Vincent, Antonio Jaramillo, and former Oscar nominee Patty McCormack.

He has also co-written and co-produced “Tin Holiday” & “Soul Fire Rising” on Amazon Prime and is also a Board Member of Burbank Film Festival.

We cover a lot in this chat such as his Ted Talk on Fear (which is incredible), the link between growth and disappointment, pitching, how to speak with confidence, tackling and understanding fear, working on his introversion, his unique management approach, ego, nerves, processing emotions, dealing clients who leave you, being vulnerable plus a lot more.

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