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Funny In Failure

Feb 8, 2021

Fred Melamed is an actor, voice over actor and writer, who you’ve seen in WandaVision, A Serious Man, Lady Dynamite, In a World, Fargo, Hail Caesar, Casual, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Dragged Across Concrete, Adventure Time, Hannah & Her Sisters and 6 other Woody Allen Films. He has also appeared in Amadeus and relatively Speaking on Broadway.

His upcoming movies include Together Together (at Sundance), Shiva Baby & Hug Chickenpenny.

In this wide ranging chat we talk about his magical voice, stage fright, courage, self-sabotage & stepping out of our comfort zone, true happiness, having autistic children, going from a millionaire to near broke, at a young age, being fired, woody Allen vs the Coen brothers, adoption, eating addictions, the joys of being a father & the fear of flying.

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