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Funny In Failure

Jun 13, 2019

Alan is a man of many distinctions. He was the first american to ordain as a Buddhist monk in Burma in modern times. He is an author, public speaker, retreat leader, investigative journalist, a satirist, and performing artist. His numerous books, writings, and films, include: Burma the next killing fields and Revolution of the spirit (both books with forewords by the Dalai lama).

He has also written as book and spoken word: Instinct for freedom, swimming through stone – a personal journey with DMT, Natural freedom: the dharma beyond Buddhism, A future to believe in, and his international best seller, The voice of hope. In this podcast we talk about finding your voice, passion, dictatorships, near death experiences, relationships, life as a monk, conformity and fitting in, spirituality, importance of honesty, climate change, love and preciousness of life, but more importantly we get real deep about life.

If you'd like to stay up to date with Alan check out his pages: Website: Instagram/ Facebook: alanclementsworlddharma

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