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Funny In Failure

Apr 29, 2019

Emily Joy is is an actor, recently seen on screen in “Neighbours”, “Tonightly With Tom Ballard” and “The Housemate”. She has recently performed in the Comedy Festival for the sketch show “Mindful-mess” and can be seen weekly as an improviser at The Improv Conspiracy. She also runs Joy Studio, a boutique acting studio here in Melbourne. Next up you can catch her in the web series “Woah, Alyssa! Season 2” and “The Holiest One”.

Emily has such a positive outlook on life, she breaks things down into practical ways and has this childish yet mature attitude on life which is something to be admired. In this podcast we talk about comparing yourself to others and how it might be limiting you.

For more information you can contact Emily on her Facebook page:

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