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Funny In Failure

Apr 15, 2019

Alice Fraser is an ex lawyer, ex academic and investment banker turned award winning writer, broadcaster, performer, comedian, keynote speaker and more. Just when you think she couldn’t cram in anymore you hear that she has also hosted a "Ted X" talk and that her “Trilogy” podcast series was voted "Apple Editorials" teams #1 best Australian podcast for 2018. She’s now living in London, gigging around the UK, writing jokes, and hosting her own podcast series called “Tea With Alice”. She also co-hosts “The Bugle Podcast” as a part replacement for John Oliver.

We talk about many interesting topics such as shamed based comedy, values and integrity and the courage to be yourself. She also talks about “being put in a box” and how she doesn’t want to be boxed in or otherwise labelled as a certain comedian. She’s just happy to be herself. “I think the upside is that the people who like me, like me”.

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