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Funny In Failure

Sep 9, 2019

James Greenshields is an ex army major, now turned motivational speaker and emotional literacy facilitator who specializes in helping men, both young and old on how to find their direction in life. He is the co-founder of the Resilient Leaders Foundation and creator of the Superhero Pilgrimage. The ground-breaking work he does with employees of large award-winning corporations, now sees him regularly consulted by leaders of these organisations, in the area of Resilient Leadership.

His story is beyond inspirational and we discuss many topics such as self-worth, ego, finding yourself, the army, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, emotional literacy, self -worth, vulnerability, toxic shame, personal power, bullies, and the deepness behind shame and guilt.

For more information you can check out some of work at: Facebook: ResilientLeadersFoundation insta: jamesgreenshields James also posts articles from time to time, check out two of them here.

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