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Funny In Failure

Oct 2, 2023

Annie Louey is an award-winning comedian, TV and radio presenter, writer and celebrant. She is known for her rapid-fire crowd work, blunt delivery and cheeky charm that allows her to get away with almost anything.

She has recently wrapped up her fifth solo show ‘Gold’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2023. This comes after Annie received a Moosehead Award for bold, innovative ideas to support her show, Annie Louey is Flirting With Death, last year.  She has also earned a spot touring around Australia with the Comedy Festival Roadshow.

Annie also appears regularly on national television, having been a presenter and writer on ABC TV’s China Tonight for the past four seasons, and a comedian on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Opening Night Allstars Supershow. Her on-screen charisma as the host of the travel show Rediscover Victoria led to a nomination for ‘Personality of the Year’ at the 2021 Antenna Awards for community television. The Rediscover Victoria series will be coming to SBS in 2023.

Annie has also been recognised for her efforts behind the screen, having written for the final season of Rosehaven (ABC TV and Amazon Prime). More recently, she was one of six writers invited to take part in the Melbourne Theatre Company’s First Stage program, which culminated in a play reading by an ensemble of professional actors. Annie is now working on debuting a full-length play.

As a content creator, Annie’s web series, From the Hearse’s Mouth was selected for the Sydney Web Festival. In the six-part series, Annie interviews comedians and performers like Claire Hooper and Dane Simpson about life and death, while driving in a vintage hearse.

Now, Annie is an ambassador for the burns and trauma charity, KIDS Foundation, while continuing to do weird and wacky things in the name of comedy. 

We chat about post traumatic growth, being a burns survivor, her many talents including being a wedding celebrant and funeral assistant, loving life, death, growth, journaling, finding her voice, trial and error, fear of failure and trying new things.

The video footage of this entire chat is now out as well (one day after release)! So check them out on YouTube under Michael Kahan

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