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Funny In Failure

Aug 14, 2023

Ryan Chamley is a writer, director, producer as well as the creator of the workplace comedy series ‘Rostered On’ which you may have seen on Netflix. His production company, Robot Army is an award-winning production company from Geelong, Australia that specializes in bringing unique and engaging concepts into reality.  In 2016, Robot Army produced and self-funded the 7-episode, long-form web series ‘Rostered On’. Rostered On went on to amass 250,000,000 views online and was acquired world-wide by Netflix (first Australian independent comedy to be acquired by Netflix). The second season of the show was also the first Australian narrative comedy to be commissioned by 7mate. The success of “Rostered On” helped to establish Ryan as a rising talent in the Australian film and television industry, and he has continued to work on a number of other successful projects since then, including in 2022 revisiting the world of Rostered On for a third season titled “Counter Girls”. 

Ryan also created ‘Jeremy the Dud’, which also reached a significant online audience and attracted interest from several notable production companies and broadcasters and won fans worldwide for its insight into life with a disability. The trailer instantly went viral racking up millions of views, also gaining the interest of TV networks and production companies all over the world. Jeremy the Dud won best film at the Flicks for Change film Festival in LA, and the Melbourne Independent Film Festival. Ryan is currently working on his debut feature film and exploring the world of animation! 

We chat about happiness, starting his production company, collaboration, Rostered On, dropping out of high school, ADHD, skating and great communities, Hollywood meetings, going big mentality, insecurities and his passions!

The video footage of this entire chat is now out as well (one day after release)! So check them out on YouTube under Michael Kahan

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