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Funny In Failure

Jan 16, 2023

Diane Farr  is an Award-winning actor, as well as an author, writer, producer and soon to be director. She currently stars in the hit show, Fire Country as Sharon Leone. You may also recognise her from her roles as FBI agent Megan Reeves in Numb3rs, Jill Robinson in Californication, the firefighter Laura Miles in Rescue me, Maya in Splitting up Together as well as Charmed, The Good Doctor, Chance, Black-ish, Private Practice, Like Family, The Job, Roswell, The Drew Carey Show, Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist to name a few.

Diane was also co-host for 200 episodes of the advice program Loveline on MTV alongside Adam Carolla & Dr Drew, she is also the author of 2 books, Kissing Outside the Lines and The Girl Code: The Secret Language of Single Women.

We chat about working at a maximum-security prison, directing, good vs bad, meeting people where they are at, her spiritual journey, intuition, grief, collaboration, belief systems and ambition.

The video footage of this entire chat is now out as well (one day after release)! So check them out on YouTube under Michael Kahan

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