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Funny In Failure

Apr 11, 2022

Lee Majdoub is an award-winning actor who you might recognise from his many roles such as Agent Stone in both Sonic the Hedgehog movies - working directly with Jim Carrey as his assistant, Silas on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, plus the 100, You Me Her, Travelers, Zoo, Prison Break, Supernatural, Arrow, StarBeam and the Magicians to name a few!

As you can imagine we cover a lot and talk about nerves, being a guest star, people pleasing, Jim Carrey, addictions & recovery, negative self-talk, bullying, searching for happiness, the drive to be better, playing a prince, streaming and gratitude.

The video footage of this entire chat is now out as well! So check them out on YouTube under Michael Kahan

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