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Funny In Failure

Mar 28, 2022

Jon Barinholtz is an actor, writer & producer. He is currently starring as Payne Motors heir and executive Wesley Payne on NBC’s brand-new comedy series “American Auto”.

In animation, Jon is the Creator, Writer, Executive Producer and lends his voice to Netflix’s “Chicago Party Aunt,”. The adult animated comedy series follows Diane Dunbrowski, a party animal who is idolized for her troublemaking and talent for avoiding adulthood by her soul-searching nephew.  

You might also recognise Jon from his many other roles such as Marcus in Superstore, Solar Opposites, Veep, With Bob and David, The Mindy Project, MADtv, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Key and Peele, Happy Endings and The Oath.

In this wide ranging chat, we talk about ordering pizza while your wife is giving birth, NFTs, working with bad people, the wonders of improv, the Hollywood roller-coaster experience, fear, hustling, his running mindset and creating his own path to success.

Stick around till the end where Jon answers all of your Superstore questions. The video footage of this entire chat is now out as well! So check them out on YouTube under Michael Kahan

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