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Funny In Failure

Jan 3, 2022

Jaime Ray Newman can do It all. She’s an academy award winner, actor, director & producer, who’s been in too many things to name, such as Catch Me If You Can, The Punisher, Rumour Has it, Dopestick, Eureka, Midnight Texas, The Time Traveller’s Wife, Eastwick, Rubberneck, Bates Motel, Satisfaction, Grimm, The Magicians, Drop Dead Diva, Skin (won the Academy Award for best short film which she produced with her husband Guy Nattiv and he wrote and directed it), plus Imposters, Veronica Mars & Tarzan just to name a few. We chat about the truth behind her IMDB profile, not taking no for an answer, pivoting and her moving forward mindset, her love of acting, the no’s, producing, rejection, the highs and lows of birth, miscarriages, IVF, surrogacy, becoming a mother and her working relationship with her husband.

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