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Funny In Failure

Nov 1, 2021

Chris Anstey is an ex professional basketball player, a 2-time Olympian, coach, speaker and now recently an author. Some of Chris’s incredible accomplishments include a World Champion and World Championship MVP. He retired as a 2-time Championship winning captain and MVP, with 3 NBL titles to his name and also coached the Melbourne Tigers. He was selected at #18 in the 1997 NBA Draft, becoming the first player in history to be drafted from Australia’s NBL.

His book “Tall Tales” is now out and its fantastic read where he shares many stories of his learnings through his career and life. Here’s a small snippet from it, “I knew all along, however, that my journey brought me into contact with some amazing people. These people taught me many lessons, on and off the basketball court, that helped shape the person I am today. They moulded my philosophy around finding our own personal best and broadened the lens I now see the world through. These are the people whose lessons I felt a responsibility to share when I began coaching. After all, not everyone had been lucky enough to spend the time around them as I had. These are their stories”.

We chat about wanting to fit in, being unique and your authentic self, clear communication, being an athlete, transparency, leadership, processing and understanding emotions and writing a book.

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