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Funny In Failure

Jan 25, 2021

John Caroll Lynch is an actor and a director, who has worked with legendary directors such as Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Clint Eastwood, Aaron Sorkin & the Coen Brothers just to name a few.

He has probably one of the longest credits on IMDB history, which include Fargo, American Horror Story, Gran Torino, Zodiac, Big Sky, Trial of the Chicago 7, The Founder, Hot Pursuit, The Drew Carey Show, Lucky, The Walking Dead, The Americans, Crazy Stupid Love, Big Love, Bubble Boy, Things We Lost in the Fire, Shutter Island, Paul, The Good Girl, Face/Off, Confidence, Gothika, One Dollar, Veep, Do No Harm, Carnivale, Jackie & Ted 2 plus a lot more!

This episode is jam packed where we chat about filming during covid, being away from his wife, gratefulness, meditation, humility, trust, ego, passion & collaboration, raging and punching walls, self-worth, chasing success, working with master directors, being bald at a young age and the famous zodiac scene.

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