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Funny In Failure

Jan 4, 2021

Tim Kang is an actor and producer. You’ve seen him in the Mentalist where he played Kimball Cho and currently stars in Magnum P.I. as Detective Gordon Katsumoto.

He’s also been in Rambo, Vampire Diaries, Mister green, Third Watch, The Unit, Two Weeks Notice, The Forgotten, Sopranos, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Ghost Whisperer, Monk, The Office, A Wrinkle in Time, Lethal Weapon, Cloak and Dagger & Chicago Justice.

This episode is jam packed where we chat about parental expectations, life path, confidence, doing the work, trusting your gut, honouring your feelings, living in the moment, patience, cross-training & the stigma of money.

Check out Tim on:

  • Twitter: Tim__Kang
  • National Center For Missing and Exploited Children:

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