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Funny In Failure

Dec 28, 2020

Lisa Cox is an award-winning writer, author, model, public speaker, consultant, presenter and advocate for disability representation. She is actively changing the way disability is represented in mainstream popular culture – like the media, fashion industry and more. Lisa is also the author of two books and her work has been published nationally for publications such as the Huff Post and The Sydney Morning Herald.

You’ll hear more about in the episode, but here’s the little teaser as per Lisa words, “At age 24 I had a brain haemorrhage, like a stroke. It was caused by a nasty infection and to this day, nobody knows how I contracted it.

Before that, life was pretty good. I’d been to university and graduated with two degrees (bachelor of business communications and media), played lots of representative sport, travelled overseas, moved into my own place and after years working in the corporate sector, I had just been promoted in my dream job at an advertising agency”.

After my brain haemorrhaged at the airport one morning, I spent the next three weeks in a coma and two month on life support. Pneumonia, heart attacks and uncontrollable seizures took hold of my body as all of my organs shut down.

Technically, I died twice in hospital but was resuscitated (obviously!) to keep living out a life I loved. My family was told they might have to turn off my life support but then my brain started to recharge and every single cell in my body regenerated…”

You’ll hear the rest in this jam packed episode, where we chat about being a disability advocate, health and exercise, dealing with challenges, having a success mindset, adapting, “inspirational p0rn”, being on life support, victim mentality, death, mental health, resilience, and gratefulness.

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