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Funny In Failure

Nov 23, 2020

Benjamin Maio Mackay is an award nominated, critically acclaimed director, producer, comedian, actor, musician, MC and internationally renowned podcaster.

He’s worked with Matthew Reilly, toured Australia with Great Detectives. He recently directed, starred, produced, adapted and edited an audio drama adaptation of The Phoenix Files Series by Chris Morphew, it stars BAFTA nominee and former Doctor Who Paul McGann.

Benjamin has also hosted programs for ABC Radio and toured stage shows around Australia, has been in over 75 plays and musicals with tens of thousands of performances.

His podcast Benjamin Maio Mackay's Talk 2 Me! is one of the most downloaded arts and entertainment podcasts in Australia.

This man does it all.

In this podcast we chat about live performing, dealing with hate, chronic pain, copper poisoning, blindness, living your dreams, busy minds, love of his many crafts, podcasting at 16 years old! Matthew Reilly, living in the moment, regrets, taking a gamble on yourself.

Check out Benjamin on:

  • Instagram: benjaminmaiomackay
  • Twitter: benjaminmm_
  • Facebook: BenjaminMaioMackayActor
  • Website:

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