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Funny In Failure

Aug 17, 2020

Tom Walker is an award-winning comedian, a writer, actor, improviser and clown. Tom has appeared in the Australian version of Whose line Is It Anyway? Aaron Chen Tonight, Drunk History, Comedy up Late, Comedy Allstars, Stans Lockdown Special, Comedy Next Gen and has his own Amazon Prime special, Very Very- Check it out, it’s hilarious!

He also co-host the hilarious podcast bigsofttitty.png alongside his comedian girlfriend, Demi Lardner.

We chat about trucks, losing podcast, video games, learning new skills, happiness, our minds, disappointment, control, haters, improv, perfectionism, body dysmorphia and Demi even chimes in for a bit, lucky us!

Check out Tom on:
Facebook: TomWalkerComedy
Instagram: TomWalkerIsGood
Twitter: TomWalkerIsGood
His work on Adult Swim (from our Rick and Morty convo):

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