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Funny In Failure

Aug 13, 2020

Nicola Parry is an actor, writer, producer and improviser, a veteran of the Australian entertainment industry where she has worked for all the major TV networks in Australia.

She was the lead cast member in my favourite Australian show, Thank God You're Here and has been in The Hollowmen, Swift and Shift Couriers, Doctor Doctor, Rake, How Not To Behave, Here Come The Habibs, Time Of Our Lives, The Letdown, Mystery Of A Hansom Cab, Celebrity Name Game, How not to Behave, This Is Your Laugh, Frayed, The Librarians, Sleuth 101, Australia Versus and Slideshow.

She has co written, produced and created, Part Time Privates and was a writer for resting Pitch Face and Street Smart and does a lot of work with corporates.

In this episode, we chat about improv, acting and auditions, mindsets, fear, drive and positivity, family, mental health, self- worth, surrounding yourself with great people, working in the arts, competition, collaboration and ambition.

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