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Funny In Failure

May 11, 2020

Jessica Holmes is a Canadian comedian, actress, writer, author, motivational speaker and mental health advocate.

As a performer, Jessica’s has won and been nominated for many awards. She stars in “The Holmes Show”,  been in “Royal Canadian Air Farce”, “Welcome to Mooseport”, “Citizen Duane”, and "Moonpoint”. She has also appeared in the pilot for, “The Communist’s Daughter”, which won the JFL ComedyPro competition.

She has also opened for giants such as Jerry Seinfeld, Russell Peters, and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as hosted events for such visionaries as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey! 

She’s also performed with the Second City and Just for Laughs, written “I Love Your Laugh: Finding the Light in My Screwball Life” and “Depression The Comedy: A Tale of Perseverance”, plus so much more!

In this podcast we chat about the relief in jokes, depression, the stories we tell ourselves, listening and communication, compassion and empathy, religion, the humour in death, connecting and acceptance of all kinds.

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