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Funny In Failure

May 4, 2020

John Ross Bowie is an American actor, author, writer and comedian. You might remember him from playing Barry Kripke in The Big Bang Theory and Jimmy Dimeo in Speechless.

He’s preformed in Laughter on the 23rd floor and been in Curb your Enthusiasm, What the bleep do we know? Reno911!, Glee, Road trips, Brigade, Veep, Love, Brookyln 99, Fresh Off the Boat, Hot in Cleveland, Chasing Life, The Wrong Mans, The Heat, House of Lies, Good Luck Charlie, Between Us, He's Just Not That Into You, CSI, Sex Drive, Children’s Hospital and Road Trip plus more.

In this podcast we chat about The Big Bang Theory, mental health, being mugged, living in New York, fear, stigma of therapy, parenting, depression, passion and purpose, What The Bleep Do We know? breaking down and crying and presence.

"Presence is when you’re no longer waiting for the next moment, believing that the next moment will be more fulfilling than this one” - Eckhart Tolle

To keep up to date with John Ross Bowie, check him out on: Instagram/ Twitter: johnrossbowie

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