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Funny In Failure

Jan 27, 2020

Michelle Brasier is an actor, writer, singer, radio presenter and comedian. She forms half the duo, ‘double denim’. She’s a regular on Aunty Donna, been seen on Shaun Micallef, ‘mad as hell’, The film, ‘The Merger’ and she’s also in the hit show ‘Utopia’. She won Directors Choice award for the MICF, and is a winner of the best newcomer at the Sydney international comedy festival.

In this podcast we chat about the balance between honesty and lying, intentions and helping others, death, third degree burns, guide dogs, empathy, grief, break ups, success, and a lot more!

To stay up to date with Michelle check her out on: Insta/ Twitter: @ michellebrasier Facebook: @ michellelouisebrasier website: Check out these wonderful charities:

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