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Funny In Failure

Sep 2, 2019

Karunesh Talwar is a writer, actor and stand up comedian, from India. He made his way into the local comedy scene by winning several open mic competitions, including the Comedy Store's RAW. He was invited to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Australia where he did more than 20 consecutive shows and also featured on Australian television, on ABC TV’s show Comedy Up Late. Later that year, he was invited to the prestigious, world famous Soho Theatre in London and has also traveled the world preforming comedy. His videos have accumulated millions of views and has 3 comedy specials to add to his already impressive resume.

In this podcast we talk about, trusting your gut, long term vs short term strategies, growth, realities of comedy, extreme behaviors, mental health, success, relationships, self awareness, pressure and self-talk.

Check him out on: Facebook: KaruneshCTalwar Instagram/ Twitter: karuneshtalwar email:

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