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Funny In Failure

Aug 5, 2019

Al Del Bene is an American born comedian, writer, actor, the co-host of the Daditude podcast, turned Australian. He broke into comedy in Boston at the ripe age of 18. Upon moving to New York City he quickly became a staple of the underground comedy scene. After bleeding New York dry of every last joke about how miserable living there made him feel, Al moved to sunny Los Angeles where he became a regular at the world famous Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard. He later won the Los Angeles Comedy Awards Comedian of the Year. He’s toured extensively with Dane Cook, performing to more than 100 sold-out stadiums and arenas. He has also performed at the Sydney Opera House with Bill Burr and supported Jon Lovitz and Tim Allen on countless shows. And so much more….

In this podcast we talk about mother in laws, the life of a comedian, relocating, cockiness and arrogance, mental health, addictions, depression, friendships, ruts, children, health, positive mindsets, leases on life, self awareness and self esteem, trusting your gut, fear, escapism and setbacks.

If you like to stay up to date with Al, check out his pages on: Instagram: al_del_bene Twitter: aldelbene Facebook: ADBcomedy

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