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Funny In Failure

Apr 22, 2019

John Safran is an award-winning documentary maker of provocative and hilarious takes on race, the media, religion and other issues. Safran first hit TV screens in 1997 on “Race Around the World”. Both John Safran’s” Music Jamboree” and “John Safran vs. God” won Australian Film Industry awards for best comedy series and most original concept, and were also nominated for Logie awards.

Other shows include “John Safran’s Race Relations” and “Speaking in Tongues”. He co-hosted “Sunday Night Safran”, a radio talk show on Triple J with cranky but beloved Catholic priest, Father Bob Maguire. Safran’s first book the award winning true crime book, “Murder in Mississippi”, is the true story of how he met a white supremacist and befriended his black killer. In his latest book, “Depends What You Mean by Extremist”, was shortlisted for General Non-Fiction Book of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Awards. This is where he attends a far-right rally in Melbourne and is led into a mad world of misfits, white nationalists, ISIS supporters and anarchists.

This podcast is absolutely hilarious! He’s done the craziest things and is certainly mentally strong and resilient, yet he still feels vulnerable when he puts out his creative content. To quote John, “One of the cool things about being an artist is obstacles just become really handy, because there’s something to write about and makes things interesting”.

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